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EsperTech Inc.
PO Box 3129
Wayne, NJ 07474-3129
Office: (877) 994 7368
Office: (973) 577 6406
Fax: (973) 939 8458
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Support from the Source: Knowledge experts

EsperTech offering is support from the source: issues will be handled by the engineers who designed, architected and are working daily on EsperTech and Esper technology. This ensures high quality support by contrast to best effort answers provided on community project public user lists. This also gives you a unique opportunity to have your feature requests prioritized.

Enterprise Open Source: Enterprise Edition

EsperTech supports Esper Enterprise Edition and EsperHA for production environments. Esper Enterprise Edition is a feature rich product going beyond the core Esper product, with a web-enabled user interface, data push service, JDBC drivers, and is also harnessed and certified.

The Enterprise Edition Right-to-Use licensing removes the viral copyleft effect from the core Esper product enforced by the GNU General Public License (GPL) that may put your project intellectual property at risk upon redistribution from non work for hire third parties such as contractors or system integrators.

Trusted parties

Subscribing support for your Esper environments ensures a long term trusted parties relationship between EsperTech and your company that maximizes success, from development to production.

Support Options for Production

Service levelBronzeSilver
AvailabilityMonday to Friday
9h-17h (EST)
Monday to Friday
9h-17h (EST)
Severity 1 resolution target1 business day1 business day
Cases pack20 cases/yearunlimited
CoverageLast 1 year of versionsLast 1 year of versions
Contactemail, webemail, web, phone
Price/instance/yearBuy nowBuy now
Service levelGold
Severity 1 resolution target4 hours
Cases packunlimited
CoverageLast 1 year of versions
Contactemail, web, phone
Price/instance/yearBuy now

Support Options for Development

Service levelDeveloper Seat
AvailabilityMonday to Friday
9h-17h (EST)
Severity 1 resolution target1 business day
Cases packunlimited
CoverageLast 1 year of versions
Contactemail, web
Price/seat/yearBuy now