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Minimal Requirements

Runs on any Java 8 JVM
Available as part of Esper Enterprise Edition

Supported Platforms

Runs on any Java 8 JVM

Push Service: Data Push Management from CEP-tier to web browser-tier

Esper - Push Service

Esper Push Services provides data push from CEP server(s) to web tier servers.
  • Resolves the dynamic space of data sources such as Esper EPL statements, statement sets and engine metrics.
  • Quality of Service requirements by flexible policy configuration.
  • Tracking and managing subscriptions to efficiently share server resources where possible, to reduce or eliminate duplicate data on the transport.
  • Subscriber timeout, e.g. when a subscriber unexpectedly disappears.
  • Handles stale logical data sources, e.g. when a subscribed-to EPL statement gets destroyed.
  • Subscription history.
  • Mapping of logical data sources to the underlying transport (JMS destination(s)) and effective marshalling of payload.

Esper Data Push Services (Push services for short) is a REST service provider and data push component for use with the Esper CEP engine. It provides an application-layer publish-subscribe service for efficient and scalable delivery of CEP engine data based on active logical subscriptions. In addition, Push services provides request- response services for managing subscriptions.

Push services is built on the Java Message Service (JMS) standard.