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Event Series Intelligence

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Minimal Requirements

Runs on any Java 8 JVM
Available as part of Esper Enterprise Edition

Supported Platforms

Modern web browser that supports JavaScript, HTML 5, web sockets

EsperHQ - Rich Multi-Window GUI and Eventlet Continuous Displays

Rich Multi-Window GUI and Eventlet Continuous Displays
A rich multi-window web-based client with composable, configurable and interactive displays of real-time event series or streams.
  • EPL editor, debugger and detailed memory use and metrics reporting.
  • Eventlets are units of real-time-capable and combinable displays.
  • Eventlets are chart, gauge, timeline and grids.
  • jQuery plug-in for easy eventlet integration; JavaScript extension API.
  • Multiple Esper CEP engine mays contribute data streams to a single eventlet.
  • Eventlet wizard and editor; Dashboard wizard
  • Eventlets are interactive and expose a set of controls.
  • Statement management and management of most aspects of CEP engine.
  • Many useful built-in engine metrics displayable.
  • Easy to combine historical or reference data with real-time data.

Built on HTML 5 and JavaScript, Esper HQ is a multi-window rich client application for Esper CEP engine management and real-time continuous displays (aka. Eventlet).

EsperHQ can operate against any external application that embeds Esper.