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Event Series Intelligence

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Minimal Requirements

Runs on any Java 8 or newer JVM
Fully embeddable

Supported Platforms

Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX
32bit and 64bit
Runs on any Java 8 or newer JVM

Supported Browsers

Modern browser with HTML 5, JavaScript and web sockets

Supported Containers (*)

(*) Esper does not require any container

Self-contained (standalone)
Any Java AS (requires custom integration)
Any Java ESB (requires custom integration)

Supported Databases (*)

Oracle (x)
MySQL (x)
SQLServer (x)
Any RDBMS with JDBC driver
(*) for use with Esper and EsperIO
(x) when choosing EsperHA database storage option

EsperHA: High-Availability for Event Processing

EsperHA is available under a commercial license. You can sign up for a free time limited trial license and try the product. The evaluation includes a free entitlement to the EsperTech support system for the time of your evaluation. Source code for EsperHA is available on request under a source code release agreement.

How does it work? How much does it cost?

Our EsperHA downloads are available in the EsperHA group in the forum at Download Forum. Please register by providing your company email address and the download becomes available after entering the EsperHA forum group.

You will have to accept a trial evaluation license agreement in a click-wrap form, and will be granted access to a trial version of EsperHA.

As part of the click-through license and registration, you will receive a license key for 30 days evaluation that you can renew on demand.

An EsperTech representative may contact you to understand your objectives for this evaluation.