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Event Series Intelligence

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Minimal Requirements

Runs on any Java 8 or newer JVM
Fully embeddable

Supported Platforms

Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX
32bit and 64bit
Runs on any Java 8 or newer JVM

Supported Browsers

Modern browser with HTML 5, JavaScript and web sockets

Supported Containers (*)

(*) Esper and EsperHA do not require any container

Self-contained (standalone)
Any Java AS (requires custom integration)
Any Java ESB (requires custom integration)

Supported Databases (*)

Oracle (x)
MySQL (x)
SQLServer (x)
Any RDBMS with JDBC driver
(*) for use with Esper and EsperIO
(x) when choosing EsperHA database storage option

EsperHA: High-Availability for Event Processing

High-Availability for Event Processing
  • Resilience for complex event processing state
  • Database solution for short-lived and derived state: Query language is EPL continuous queries and fire-and-forget queries; Schema-less and query-driven; Object model capable; In-memory operation for highest possible performance and minimal latency
  • Incremental and Full Backup for speed and flexibility
  • State extract and load API for transferable operator state
  • Extreme write performance and fast recovery to memory
  • Drop-in: Little or no code change
  • Statement level QoS configuration
  • Relational Database storage option for engine state
  • Cost effective

EsperHA is a complete solution for zero-downtime CEP and event series processing. It combines Esper with high performance resilience options.

EsperHA ensures state is recoverable upon a failure or orderly shutdown. EsperHA also allows externalizing and loading fine-grained state via API. Configuration and annotations enable you to fine tune high availability and resiliency on a per-stream and continuous query level.

High-Availability and High Throughput/Low Latency combined

EsperHA is optimized for extreme write speed and fast recovery: Incremental backup writes only state changes. Recovery algorithms reads the newest state up to the latest state since last checkpoint and never replay or read old unnecessary state. EsperHA supports a full-backup-only mode. Throughput in events-per-second with resilience is very close to throughput without resilience.

EsperHA does not sacrifice simplicity for providing a rich feature set. Its declarative configuration model and core API enable any Esper application to be HA-enabled with no code change.

Pick and tune the level of high-availability that fits your requirement on a fine grained per stream and continuous query level:

  • transient: no state preserved
  • durable: persist statement metadata and not statement state
  • resilient: enable high availability and recovery of your event processing, with customized checkpointing and instant failover
  • mix them all in one system, at no code change

Fully embeddable in existing architectures

EsperHA has minimal operational requirements, and can fully be embeddable in existing Java based architectures.

There is no extra process to start, tune or monitor, it is all in one process for minimal latency, maximal performance and usability.

As an option EsperHA can delegate storage to a traditional RDBMS system such as Oracle Enterprise Database.


If you want to re-use your database investments, EsperHA can instead delegate storage to your existing relational database.

EsperTech's product line enables you to scale up your project from Esper to EsperHA at any time with no code change or system rewrite. Start small, think big, scale it whenever your business mandates.

EsperTech provides commercial license and support, as well as commercial license suitable for redistribution.