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Event Series Intelligence

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Minimal Requirements

Runs on any Java 8 or newer JVM
Fully embeddable

Supported Platforms

Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX
32bit and 64bit
Runs on any Java 8 or newer JVM

Supported Browsers

Modern browser with HTML 5, JavaScript and web sockets

Supported Containers (*)

(*) Esper does not require any container

Self-contained (standalone)
Any Java AS (requires custom integration)
Any Java ESB (requires custom integration)

Supported Databases (*)

Oracle (x)
MySQL (x)
SQLServer (x)
Any RDBMS with JDBC driver
(*) for use with Esper and EsperIO
(x) when choosing EsperHA database storage option

Esper Enterprise Edition: Enterprise-ready Event Processing and CEP platform

Esper Enterprise Edition
Enterprise-ready Event Processing and CEP platform
Esper Enterprise Edition is a distributable platform for linear and elastic horizontal scalability and fault tolerant event processing.

  • Esper Event Processing augmented with enterprise *ilities
  • Linear horizontal scalability, elastic scaling, dynamic discovery from seed nodes
  • Design and Test: EPL editor and debugger; Hot deployment; Detailed metric and memory use reporting with break-down and summary per EPL
  • REST-style Web Services: Services for access to CEP and Data Push
  • Push Services: Data Push for multi-tier CEP-to-Browser delivery; Management of Logical and Physical Subscribers and Subscriptions
  • Rich Multi-Window GUI: Web-based user interface for managing all aspects of multiple distributed engine instances with JavaScript and HTML 5
  • Continuous Displays: Composable, configurable and interactive displays of distributed event streams or series; Charts, Gauges, Timelines, Grids
  • Distributed Cache support: Interoperability with several commercial and open source distributed caching software
  • JDBC support: JDBC compliant client and server endpoints for interoperability
  • JMX support: Runtime management and monitoring over standard JMX connectors

Esper Enterprise Edition is a complete turnkey solution for addressing Event Processing and CEP requirements in enterprise grade deployments in one single certified and supported package.

Esper Enterprise Edition can also operate against any external application that embeds Esper.

Enterprise *ilities

Esper Enterprise Ediition combines Esper with a suite of drop-in plugins and tools all assembled together in a single package ready for use. It is uniquely capable of providing required *ilities for enterprise grade deployments:

Master-lessEnterprise Edition offers a masterless horizontal scale-out platform that supports linear and elastic scaling and dynamic discovery from seed nodes, based on Apache Zookeeper and Kafka.
ClusteringEnterprise Edition also offers a clusterable or standalone server architecture.
Fail-over, availability, reliability, disaster recoveryEsper Enterprise Edition combined with EsperHA provides fault-tolerant Event Processing and CEP platform with event series analysis and continuous queries HA enablement.
UsabilityEsperHQ is a rich web-based GUI that provides an operational console for streamlined management and real-time views on your event driven applications.
MaintainabilityGet an immediate understanding on Esper based applications for any third party tools with EPL debugger, EPL memory use and metrics reporting, EsperJMX and EsperJDBC.
ExtensibilityWith EsperJMX and EsperJDBC, Esper is turned into the most standard-compliant CEP platform for use with third party tools and automation scripts: Business Intelligence, Dashboard and reporting solutions, Runtime management tools.
SecurityEsperHQ and EsperJMX can securely and remotely access CEP engines, over secured connections with user credentials.
PortabilityEsper Enterprise Edition is available, certified and supported on Linux, Solaris, AIX, Windows, both 32bit and 64bit. The SQL-standard confirming EPL event processing language allows limited portability to other CEP engines.

Esper Enterprise Edition: Typical Architecture

The typical horizontal scale-out architecture includes Apache Zookeeper and Apache Kafka, not shown here.

The drawing is not intended to accurately reflect servers or processes and the architecture may distribute components to multiple servers.