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Esper Enterprise Edition to Meet Demand for Enterprise *ilities

Esper Enterprise Edition maximizes Enterprise grade usability, manageability and interoperability for Event Processing and CEP applications deployments.

New York, NY, November 10, 2008 - EsperTech Inc., a leading provider of event stream and complex event processing software (ESP and CEP), today unveiled Esper Enterprise Edition, a new product package to meet demand for Enterprise grade capabilities. Esper Enterprise Edition is an off the shelf solution built upon Esper for maximal productivity, interoperability and manageability.

EsperTech CEP technology enables event processing for the smart enterprise. It is capable of analyzing large volumes of streaming and historical data to detect complex situations in real-time. Use cases range from advanced monitoring and RFID tag tracking to investment banks' algorithmic trading platforms. EsperTech is leading the pace of open-source innovation in the event processing field with its Esper product, ensuring wide adoption through a dual open-source and commercial licensing business model.

Esper Enterprise Edition combines:

  • Esper: Event Processing and CEP engine
  • Esper Studio: Operational console for runtime management, real-time event stream views and on demand queries
  • EsperJMX: Runtime management and monitoring over standard JMX connectors
  • EsperJDBC: JDBC compliant client and server endpoints for interoperability

Each module maximizes the confidence an enterprise has when deploying CEP applications with Esper, augmenting standard supports and interoperability with existing tools and platforms such as enterprise runtime management systems, dashboards and business intelligence suites. It further ensures productivity and operational visibility into the deployed CEP applications.

"This product strengthens EsperTech fit for purpose for enterprise grade deployments. We are thrilled to bring our core open source Esper product to the next level of enterprise grade deployments with this Enterprise Edition" said Thomas Bernhardt, EsperTech's founder and CEO. "This alignment of proven open source core technology with enterprise *ilities has tremendous impact on technology adoption, projects time-to-market, enterprise's ROI and investment protection.".

Esper Enterprise Edition is available immediately. Online demos are available online. A fully functional version can be requested for evaluation at http://www.espertech.com

About EsperTech
EsperTech, Inc., a privately-owned startup company located in New Jersey, brings Event Stream Processing (ESP) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) to mainstream by combining a flexible multi-platform Open-Source technology with commercial enterprise grade options, services and support. Information about EsperTech can be found at http://www.espertech.com.

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