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Drop-in HA for Esper
Stream and Statement level SLA
Extensible Event Store
Highly resilient
Low operating costs

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EsperTech Expands its CEP Products Portfolio with EsperHA to Meet Demand for Mission Critical Dependability

EsperTech releases new product that enables drop-in high-availability for Event Processing applications.

New York, NY, March 23, 2008 - EsperTech Inc., a leading provider of event stream and complex event processing software (ESP and CEP), today unveiled EsperHA, a new product to meet demand for mission critical dependability in event processing applications. EsperHA is an off the shelf solution to enable drop-in high-availability, reliability, and support for large stream volumes in any Esper application.

EsperTech CEP technology is capable of analyzing large volumes of event series data to detect complex situations in historical data or real-time arriving data. Use cases range from advanced monitoring and RFID tag tracking to investment banks' algorithmic trading platforms. EsperTech is leading the pace of open-source innovation in the event processing field with its Esper product, ensuring wide adoption through a dual open-source and commercial licensing business model.

The new product EsperHA 2.0 provides advanced features targeted at combining Esper high throughput low latency Complex Event Processing capabilities with new highly available, fully resilient deployment capabilities. Key capabilities include:

  • Drop-in high availability - EsperHA can turn any existing Esper application into a fully dependable architecture at no code change. Applications can scale up and down as business imperative mandates.
  • Low latency, highly available, large stream volume processing in one system - EsperHA can accommodate both high speed streams faster than disk storage would enable, and large volume stream processing bigger than memory bounded system could support. It enables Complex Event Processing applications to be faster than storage, yet to deal with volumes bigger than live memory limits.
  • Statement-level and Stream-level SLA - EsperHA includes a Statement-level and Stream-level Service Level Agreement algorithm to orchestrate at no code change and in one single system the variety of real world streams combining low latency, high volume, transient or fully resilient processing.
  • Extensible Event Store - EsperHA is an off the shelf solution and can also be further extended to use any existing backend storage technology. This ensures appropriate reuse of existing enterprise assets such as distributed caches, column oriented storage or even RDBMS.
  • Highly resilient - EsperHA supports cold standby, hot standby, cold backup and hot backup configurations.
  • Low operating costs - Unlike RDBMS based solutions, EsperHA is a zero-admin solution with minimal operating costs.

"This product strengthens EsperTech fit for purpose for enterprise grade deployments, both through direct sales and OEMs. We are thrilled to bring our core open source Esper product to unprecedented levels of availability, reliability and dependability with EsperHA" said Thomas Bernhardt, EsperTech's founder and CEO. "Its unique Statement-level and Stream-level SLA capabilities make it an off the shelf solution to address the growing number of scenarios our customers are facing in their business critical CEP and eXtreme Transaction Processing (XTP) deployments".

EsperHA 2.0 is available immediately. A fully functional version can be requested for evaluation at http://www.espertech.com. EsperTech is also accompanying the product launch with a new online forum available at http://www.espertech.com/community/ and evaluations are also entitled a free access to EsperTech's support system.

About EsperTech
EsperTech, Inc., a privately-owned startup company located in New Jersey, brings Event Stream Processing (ESP) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) to mainstream by combining a flexible multi-platform Open-Source technology with commercial enterprise grade options, services and support. Information about EsperTech can be found at http://www.espertech.com.

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