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Paremus and EsperTech partner to deliver OSGi™-based Distributed, Scalable, Resilient Event-Driven Architectures

Paremus and EsperTech partner to deliver
OSGi™-based Distributed, Scalable, Resilient Event-Driven Architectures

Infiniflow and Esper Combine to Provide Fabric-based
Event Stream Processing and Complex Event Processing

London, UK, November 1st, 2007 - Paremus, developer of the Infiniflow™ Enterprise Service Fabric (ESF), and EsperTech, a market leader in advanced Event Stream Processing (ESP) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology, today announced a partnership agreement that will deliver dynamically deployable, scalable, distributed, Event-Driven Architectures (EDA) with enhanced resilience.

Esper is a lightweight multi-platform open source ESP/CEP engine designed for high volume real-time event stream and correlation processing where storing data in traditional databases for later querying is not a business option nor technically possible. Such continuous processing and event-driven architectures are being widely used in latency-sensitive systems for algorithmic trading, fraud or intrusion detection, RFID, real-time business intelligence and customer relationship management. EsperTech offers commercial licensing, enterprise grade services, support and add-ons to scale-up and sustain the benefits gained by deploying Esper into new or existing systems.

Infiniflow is a lightweight, distributed, service-oriented, runtime platform. An Infiniflow Enterprise Service Fabric allows the rapid deployment and automatic optimization and management of applications on commodity hardware in order to satisfy business requirements and control costs. Organizations with Infiniflow can take advantage of modular application development with OSGi™ technology and model-based, automated operational management with SCA (Service Component Architecture). The self-healing nature of Infiniflow ensures that applications deployed across the fabric enjoy enhanced resilience without the requirement for specialist hardware or software.

"Using Esper it is possible to express arbitrary complex event stream and correlation logic in a simple yet powerful way, saving months of in-house custom development yet still embracing current standards-based Java™ and .Net™ centric deployments," said Thomas Bernhardt, founder and CEO of EsperTech. "Working together with Paremus, we will OSGi-enable the Esper ESP/CEP engine to make it dynamically deployable, scalable and manageable on the Infiniflow Enterprise Service Fabric. This is a perfect fit for eXtreme Transaction Processing platforms."

With an Infiniflow fabric, Esper engines can be dynamically deployed and scaled, and by constantly monitoring the runtime fabric, Infiniflow ensures that pre-defined service levels are maintained by automatically deploying a replacement instance should an Esper engine become unavailable (due to hardware failure, for example).

"This solution is perfect for any enterprise that needs to process, and react to, high volume data streams," said Richard Nicholson, CEO and founder of Paremus. "With Infiniflow providing dynamic assembly and scale-out capabilities for composite applications, which directly complement EsperTech's event processing capability, our partnership with EsperTech provides the best possible solution."

Esper ESP/CEP engines will be available as deployable OSGi components across the Infiniflow Enterprise Service Fabric in Q1 2008, and Paremus will offer a fully supported commercial solution in partnership with EsperTech. Contact info@paremus.com for more information.

About Paremus
Paremus offers Infiniflow™ - the Enterprise Service Fabric - a suite of lightweight, distributed, autonomic, SOA platforms for highly dynamic, composite, business applications. Leveraging the OSGi and Service Component Architecture standards, Infiniflow allows users to realize the full potential of distributed computing for re-usable, composite, service oriented applications. Infiniflow's distributed autonomic runtime environment offers maximum IT agility for businesses while delivering advanced resource management technology that allows automatic resource optimization to dramatically reduce datacenter operating costs. Infiniflow provides transparent support for composite POJO's and Spring-based business applications, and makes it simple to enhance resilience, distribute, scale and manage these applications at runtime. Identified by Gartner as a Visionary in the Enterprise Application Server marketplace, Infiniflow is the ideal next generation solution to deliver competitive advantage for your enterprise today. For more information please visit www.paremus.com.

About EsperTech
EsperTech, Inc., a privately-owned startup company located in New Jersey, brings Event Stream Processing (ESP) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) to mainstream by combining a flexible multi-platform Open-Source technology with commercial enterprise grade options, services and support. Esper and NEsper are the first and only full Java and .Net ESP/CEP engines that bring unmatched flexibility in Event Driven SOA and eXtreme Transaction Processing environments to turn real-time event streams in actionable intelligence and competitive advantage. For more information, please visit www.espertech.com.

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