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Performance Figures

500 000 event/s
3 microseconds latency
guaranteed 10 microseconds latency
1000 statements
with just 2 x86 CPU 2GHz

Hundreds of thousands events per second with microsecond latency at your fingertips

EsperTech first to unveil ESP/CEP performance benchmark

On August 14th 2007, EsperTech unveiled the results of an ESP/CEP performance benchmark. EsperTech is the first and only vendor to date to not only disclose performance figures but actual hardware, software platform, ESP/CEP scenarios and entire results and performance evaluation software kit.

These benchmark results give evidence that Esper matches enterprise grade high performance requirements.

It exceeds over 500 000 events per second on a dual CPU 2GHz Intel based hardware, with engine latency below 3 microseconds average (below 10 microseconds with more than 99% predictability) on a VWAP (volume weighted average) benchmark with 1000 statements registered in the system - this tops at 70 Mbit/s at 85% CPU usage. Esper also demonstrates linear scalability from 100 000 to 500 000 event/s on this hardware, with consistent results accross different statements, which gives Esper a large room for leveraging latest multicore architectures to reach over 1 000 000 events per second.

The benchmark results were unveiled with the complete source code to replay the entire benchmark on any Esper supported platform. It also includes a load generator that is vendor agnostic.

EsperTech is the first and only vendor to date to provide complete source code and guidance for ESP/CEP benchmarks under an open source license - enabling virtually anyone to assess ESP/CEP performance.

If you want to learn more about EsperTech technology performance, please contact us.