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EsperTech, Inc. Enters OEM Agreement with BEA Systems Inc.

EsperTech's open-source Esper software provides
Complex Event Processing for BEA WebLogic© Event Server

NEW YORK - July 17, 2007 - EsperTech Inc., a leading provider of event stream and complex event processing software (ESP and CEP), today announced a technology agreement with BEA Systems, Inc., a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement enables BEA to incorporate EsperTech's Esper product into BEA WebLogic© Event Server.

Since its inception in 2006 after more than 2 years of development, EsperTech has seen a tremendous traction around its Esper technology from several industries demanding software capable of analyzing large volumes of streaming data to detect complex situations in real-time. Use cases range from advanced monitoring and RFID tag tracking to investment banks' algorithmic trading platforms. EsperTech is leading the pace of open-source innovation in the event processing field with its Esper product, ensuring wide adoption through a dual open-source and commercial licensing business model.

The agreement with BEA further expands EsperTech's technology footprint across the industry. It enables BEA to use Esper as a foundation of the event processing capabilities for its just released BEA WebLogic Event Server and ensures that BEA can implement its own extensions to the core Esper engine going forward.

"This agreement incorporates proven technology and highlights the flexibility and power of the Esper event processing engine. We are thrilled to have our technology integrated into this BEA product and brought further to mass adoption. We keep commitment to innovate under our open-source model and to provide customers and partners even more choice with embeddable, affordable, Java and .Net, à la carte event processing technology to address a growing range of use cases, from simple monitoring, to SOA integration and up to the most demanding eXtreme Transaction Processing (XTP) environments", said Thomas Bernhardt, EsperTech' founder and CEO.

Esper is the first and only open-source Java Event Series Analysis and Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine. Targeted to real-time Event-Driven Architectures (EDA), Esper can detect and correlate in real-time complex situations when user-defined conditions occur among large volume event streams. It enables organizations to turn the growing volume of data flowing across disparate systems in an actionable competitive intelligence. EsperTech is the only provider of ESP/CEP technology with products available both in Java and .Net that can integrate with any such platforms and middleware, ensuring best productivity, choice and adaptability.

BEA WebLogic© Event Server is a full-featured application server that blends BEA's leadership in middleware with EsperTech' Esper event processing capabilities. The offering is further complemented by BEA WebLogic© Real Time, a highly optimized Java Virtual Machine with predictive latency in the sub-millisecond range for most performance demanding environments.

"By teaming with EsperTech we can benefit from state of the art event processing technology that is designed to allow us to further tailor and extend to deliver our customers a complete platform for event-driven SOA", said Guy Churchward, vice president of WebLogic Products at BEA Systems, Inc.

About EsperTech
EsperTech, Inc., a privately-owned startup company located in New Jersey, brings Event Stream Processing (ESP) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) to mainstream by combining a flexible multi-platform Open-Source technology with commercial enterprise grade options, services and support. Information about EsperTech can be found at http://www.espertech.com.

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EsperTech Inc.
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