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Why EsperTech?

Massive information streams flowing through your IT in the context of your SOA puts pressure on your investments. Make those flows meaningful - turn to Event Series Intelligence.

To date, event series analysis solutions have been provided by niche players in the form of highly verticalized and specialized solutions, creating new silos into your IT. Worse, they have been simply left aside by monolithic proprietary vendors already trying to adapt their product line to the SOA leap.

Why Open Source?

We believe our open source driven and embeddable approach to Event Series Analysis and Complex Event Processing will enable enterprises to quickly benefit from Event Series Intelligence and maximize payback from middleware and SOA investment at the speed business requires, as SOA is shifting to more autonomics Event-Driven Architectures (EDA).

Events are flowing now increasing pressure on your IT costs. Are you already overflowed?
Take action - make sense out of them.

Why not Open Source?

We believe our mixed approach of open source and closed source products with Esper and EsperHA and Enterprise Edition provides the greatest level of confidence for enterprise grade deployment with best of both worlds: vibrant community with available expertise worldwide, and dependability on highly tested products backed by professional services, training and support with appropriate level of confidentiality.

The Esper Open Source community

To better meet those expectations,
EsperTech provides advanced CEP and event series analysis
technology for event-driven analysis
and streamlines Esper architectures
with mission critical support and services
and flexible licensing for OEMs.

Esper has experienced exponential growth since its first public release made available on SourceForge back in early 2006. It has raised the bar higher by migrating to the CodeHaus foundation for its 1.0 release in July 2006, and later to Github, with positive feedback, experiment and production deployments from financial services firms, network management and fraud detection solutions provider, and RFID solution providers.